Mystery Box
Mystery Box
Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
Alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Destroy Yes
Store price 500 Donator Points
It's a Mystery Box.

Mystery Boxs are acquired by donating real money. They cost 5$ USD or use the donator currency 500 Donator Points, via the Donator Store However, since the box is tradable, another playe can donate for the box and sell it to you for in-game cash. Mystery Boxs go for, on average 50M in-game currency. The Mystery Box contains certain items that can only be acquired through the opening of itself. It either contains cosmetic equipment or real weapon and armour. The Mystery Box also can contain cash itself or other cash-related items. Once in a while, there is a rare item that can be found inside the Mystery Box for a limited time.

Note: There is an equal chance of getting any item inside the Mystery Box. You can only get ONE item at a time, NOT the whole set.

Last Updated: June 20th, 2014


Limited Time

Image Description
Santa Hat The fabled Santa Hat.


Image Description
Coins Coins varying from 15-50M.
Minecart Ticket A 100M Minecart Ticket.

Special Items

Image Description
Donator Box Welcome to the Donator Club.
Premium Donator Box Upgrade to a Premium Donator.
Dragon Bones Box Tiny box full of 1000 Dragon Bones.


Image Description
Dragon 2h Sword Where'd they get this Dragon 2h Sword.
Abyssal Whip Time to get whipping with this Abyssal Whip.
Lime Whip This Lime Whip will make you feel sour.
Vesta's Longsword Use this Vesta's Longsword to PK.
Vesta's Spear Use this Vesta's Spear to PK.
Statius's Warhammer Use this Statius's Warhammer to PK.
Zuriel's Staff Use this Zuriel's Staff to PK.


Image Description
Dragon Platebody How'd they upgrade it?
Dragon Plateskirt Only a real woman wears a Dragon Plateskirt.
Bandos Boots An uncomfortable pair of Bandos Boots.
3rd Age Amulet This belongs in the 3rd Age Set.

Equipment Sets

Image Description
New Crystal Bow New Crystal Shield Belongs to the Crystal Set.
Robin Hood Hat Ranger Boots Belongs to the Rangers Set.
Dharoks Helm Dharoks Platebody Dharoks Platelegs Dharoks Greataxe A full set of Dharoks.
Archers' Ring Seers' Ring Warrior Ring Berserker Ring A ring from the Ring Set.


Image Description
Enchanted Hat Enchanted Robe Enchanted Skirt A full set of Enchanted Armour.
Wizard Hat(t) Wizard Robe Top(t) Wizard Robe(t) Wizard Robe Skirt(t) A full set of Wizard Armour(t).
Wizard Hat(g) Wizard Robe Top(g) Wizard Robe(g) Wizard Robe Skirt(g) A full set of Wizard Armour(g).
Black Full Helm(t) Black Platebody(t) Black Platelegs(t) Black Kiteshield(t) A full set of Black Armour(t).
Black Full Helm(g) Black Platebody(g) Black Platelegs(g) Black Kiteshield(g) A full set of Black Armour(g).
Rune Full Helm(t) Rune Platebody(t) Rune Platelegs(t) Rune Kiteshield(t) A full set of Rune Armour(t).
Rune Full Helm(g) Rune Platebody(g) Rune Platelegs(g) Rune Kiteshield(g) A full set of Rune Armour(g).
Zamorak Full Helm Zamorak Platebody Zamorak Platelegs Zamorak Kiteshield A full set of Zamorak Plate Armour.
Saradomin Full Helm Saradomin Platebody Saradomin Platelegs Saradomin Kiteshield A full set of Saradomin Plate Armour.
Guthix Full Helm Guthix Platebody Guthix Platelegs Guthix Plateskirt Guthix Kiteshield A full set of Guthix Plate Armour.
Gilded Full Helm Gilded Platebody Gilded Platelegs Gilded Plateskirt Gilded Kiteshield A full set of Gilded Armour.
Rune Shield(h1) Rune Shield(h5) Two of the five Rune Heraldic Shields.
Ring of Stone Wear this Ring of Stone to transform.
Black Flowers I wonder where they found these flowers.
Flippers Spongebob swam with these.

Old Items

Image Description
Green H'Ween Mask Red H'Ween Mask Blue H'Ween Mask The fabled Halloween Masks.

Green Party Hat Red Party Hat Blue Party Hat

White Party Hat Purple Party Hat Yellow Party Hat

The legendary Party Hats.
Bunny Ears Some bunny lost his ears.
Santa Hat Santa must be looking for this.