Rat Burgiss
Rat Burgiss
Race Human
Location Edgeville
Sells items? Slayer Shop
Gender Male
Notable features He sells all the slayer items!
Rat Burgiss Location
It's a Rat Burgiss.

Rat Burgiss is the slayer shopkeeper. He can be found northwest of the Edgeville bank, Just west of the general store. Refer to the map for more details.

Slayer Store[1]Edit

  1. This shop uses Slayer Points
Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Enchanted Gem Enchanted Gem N/A 0
Earmuffs Earmuffs N/A 6
Slayer's Staff Slayer's Staff N/A 12
Mirror Shield Mirror Shield N/A 17
Spiny Helmet Spiny Helmet N/A 12
Lit But Lantern Lit But Lantern N/A 50
Slayer Bell Slayer Bell N/A 1
Slayer Gloves Slayer Gloves N/A 6
Leaf-Bladed Spear Leaf-Bladed Spear N/A 21
Black Mask (10) Black Mask (10) N/A 250
Slayer Helm Slayer Helm N/A 500